Thơ | You Were A Bright and Happy Star

Patrick Duy Nguyen of Dalton, MA

This poem is written in loving memory of my Great-Uncle, who died on May 21, 2003 at 66 years of age. He was a bishop in Vietnam at the time, and he contributed his life to help other people, which is why I chose to write this poem in dedication of him.

You were a bright and happy star,
Spreading happiness to all you could,
Your actions seen near and far,
Your intentions were always for good.
Never did you admit you were the best
Nor did you want to be brightest
Anyone could’ve guessed.
Your image will never fade out,
In the hearts of those who love you so much.

When we are lost or ever in doubt,
You will show us a way that we can trust.
Your gentle light gave protection and hope,
Connecting everyone with an unbreakable rope.
In the final moments of your life,
You refused to leave your home.
Compassionate and at now at strife,
Never again to view such sights as Rome.
Even as your humble life drew to an end,
Your will would never ever bend.

Patrick Duy Nguyen
Dalton, Massachusetts | May 21, 2004